What Makes This Work

USA Ultimate Rules

We are a USA Ultimate sanctioned league and will be playing under the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules of Ultimate. Coaches (and players!) are encouraged to review the rules at the USA Ultimate Web site (www.usaultimate.org). Coaches, you are responsible for making sure your players are following the rules during league play, so don’t hesitate to pause a game to explain them if necessary – everyone will learn something, and the games will be better for it!

Spirit of the Game

Learning to self officiate and upholding the spirit of sportsmanship that is essential to Ultimate is the driving force behind this Youth League. We want every player to learn the rules, develop their skills, and enjoy the competitive nature of the sport, but not at the expense of respect for other players and coaches. Nothing feels better than earning your successes by playing hard and playing fair. Please help us to ensure this tradition of sportsmanship.

Spirit of the Coach

The role of the coach at all levels of Ultimate is unique in a sport that places on-field player authority above non-player influence. As non-players, the coach’s authority must not extend to the on-field officiating process. Coaches may be faced with situations where they are able to correct the self-officiating process and ensure the correct outcome to a given play. In this situation, coaches must not interfere in the officiating process in order to ensure that players learn and take responsibility for officiating. Coach interference in the decision making process, even in the most egregious violations, will indicate to players that the coach and not the players have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the inherent fairness of the game.

Teaching players the rules and how to implement them should be done at practices or off of the field. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that the players understand their own responsibilities as players and teach players how to handle those responsibilities.