Oregon Youth Ultimate


The Athlete

We know the impact team sports have on a person and we know the core values of the sport of Ultimate and what it teaches people. We want to help each athlete reach their full potential.

The Parent

We want to provide a safe and nurturing environment where your athlete can flourish.

The Sport

We love Ultimate and everything it stands for and we are committed to bringing it to the highest level possible.


We are a collection of parents, coaches, and players who are passionate about the sport and what it instills in young athletes.

President – Jay Cohen, Portland OR

Vice President – Joel Pitney, Bend, OR

Treasurer – Laura Wayte, Eugene, OR

Secretary – Becky Moore, Portland, OR

Would you like to help us make this better? Donate your time, your wisdom, or your money.



We are a proud affiliate of USA Ultimate

and we proudly partner with Spin Ultimate