Youth Club Championships

2021 National Champions in the U20 Girls & Boys Divisions

Join a 2023 Oregon YCC Team

Club Ultimate is an opportunity available to players who would like to continue playing beyond the 2022 spring season and into the summer! The state of Oregon is organizing a series of youth club teams, consisting of players from around the state chosen through a tryout process, that will compete in the USA Ultimate’s Youth Club Championships (YCCs) tournament. Everyone on any team is welcome to try out and participate!

YCCs have been the pinnacle of youth Ultimate every season since it began in 2010. YCCs brings together elite level teams from across the country to compete. Oregon has a strong history of sending teams to represent the state at YCCs, most recently with Downpour winning the 2021 and 2022 U20 Girls/Gender Diverse Divisions and Trainwreck winning the 2021 U20 Boys Division.

This year, we are looking for competitive youth players ages 14 to 19 to compete on one of five YCC teams representing Oregon. YCC tryouts are an opportunity for learning as well as a selection process. Scroll down for more details!

 Save the Date: 2023 Tryouts are on March 18th & April 16th in Monmouth on the Western Oregon University Rugby Pitch!

YCC club divisions are organized by gender (girls/gender diverse matching, boys matching, and mixed), and by age: Under-17 (U17) and Under-20 (U20). In 2022, OYU will submit bids for 5 teams in the following divisions: U20 mixed, U20 Girls/Gender Divers, U20 Boys, U17 Girls/Gender Diverse, and U17 Boys.

OYU and USA Ultimate welcomes players of all genders, including athletes who are non-binary, trans and genderqueer. Although there are gendered divisions, players can participate in any division they feel most comfortable. Age eligibility is important. Note that the teams participating in the two girls matching divisions will be gender diverse who will participate in the U-20 and U-17 Girls divisions. Any player can participate in any division they feel most comfortable playing in. If you have questions see the official OYU Gender Inclusion Policy

Players that are 16 or younger (do not turn 17 during 2023) are eligible for a U17 team roster. Players that are 19 or younger (do not turn 20 during 2023) are eligible for a U20 team roster. USA Ultimate limits the size of a team’s YCC tournament roster. Players that do not make a YCC tournament roster may be invited to join a team in the role of a Practice Player.

YCC Tryouts

First Round of Tryouts

Date: Saturday, March 18th
Location: Western Oregon University Rugby Pitch, 560 Stadium Dr N, Monmouth, OR 97361

Second Round of Tryouts

(For people who make the first cut or could not attend round one)
Date: Saturday April 16th
Location: Western Oregon University Rugby Pitch, 560 Stadium Dr N, Monmouth, OR 97361

Check in: 30 minutes before scheduled start time

Tryout Schedule:

U17 GD: 10am-1pm
U20 GD: 10am-1pm
U20 Mix: 1pm-3pm
U17 B: 3pm-6pm
U20 B: 2:30pm-6pm

Cost: $25 per player (covers both tryout dates).  No one will be excluded due to lack of ability to pay, please let us know if you would like the form to apply for financial assistance by emailing and


Tryout costs are not intended to limit participation. Please let us know if you need the fee waived. 


What to bring:

– a white and dark shirt or reversible
– water
– sack lunch or snacks
– sunscreen

2023 YCC Season Schedule

While tryouts are in the early spring, the official YCC season begins after the High School season is over (mid-June) and runs through the YCC Tournament in early August. There will be a number of statewide practices, 1-2 times per month, in June and July. Practice dates and locations are yet to be determined but will be on weekends in as central locations as possible.


The estimated cost for participation is $750 plus airfare to Minnesota. This amount covers jerseys, practice fields, tournament fees, transportation, lodging, and field food during the Minnesota trip. Finances should not be an obstacle to participation. Need-based financial assistance can be applied for.


OYU is committed to hiring certified, experienced and passionate coaches to help our youth achieve the most they can. Our coaches will facilitate an environment that promotes the spirit of the game, individual player development, and a love for the sport of Ultimate.

We coaching applications will be accepted January 23, 2023 – February 16, 2023. We will be fielding 5 teams in the following divisions: U-20 Girls/Gender Diverse matching, U-20 Boys matching, U-17 Boys matching, U17 Girls/Gender Diverse matching, and U-20 Mixed. There will be 2 official coaches per team.

Coaches will be responsible for planning and running all on-field activities (practices, tournaments), and working with parent volunteers to coordinate logistics. OYU will cover all travel expenses and offer a small stipend to all official coaches.

For a full coaching job description, click here

If you’d like to submit an application to coach, click here.

The deadline for submitting YCC coaching applications is February 16th, 2023!

Interested in Playing?

If you are interested in the 2022 YCCs, please fill out our player interest survey by clicking the button below. It is not a commitment, simply information gathering. If you are a parent who is interested in helping plan logistics, or even chaperoning at the tournament, please email

2022 National Championship Highlights

Below are highlights for the two Oregon teams that won their respective divisions at the 2021 National Championships: Downpour (U20 Girls/Gender Diverse Division Champs) and Trainwreck (U20 Boys Division Champs).