Youth Club Championships

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We are seeking YCC Coaches for 2020

Oregon Youth Ultimate is looking for coaches for our 2020 Youth Club Championship Teams (YCCs). 2019 was a very successful year for OYU’s three YCC teams and it included a national title win by our U17 Boys team Eruption! We’re looking ahead to another great season by sending 5 teams to the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships.

We will be fielding a U-20 Girls Team, U-20 Boys Team, U-17 Boys Team, U-17 Girls Team, and a U-20 Mixed Team.

**All teams dependent on USA Ultimate bidding process.** In 2019 we met all of the requirements to put us in the top tier position and we have a strong chance to receive bids for all teams.

Each year YCCs are held in Minnesota the first weekend in August, but USAU has not yet signed a new contract, so the dates and location have not been confirmed yet. USAU had an extended contract with the Blaine, Minnesota location that ended this year. It is possible that the dates and location could be changed.

We are seeking head coaches, assistant coaches, and local coaches for all of these teams. Please fill out this form if you are interested in either the head coach, assistant coach, or a local coach position. If you have applied last year and were accepted, just let us know about your plans for the 2020 season.

Team Coaches:

Head Coach:
– Responsible for Team direction
– Runs Practices
– Travels to YCC

Assistant Coaches:
– Help run the team with the HC.
– Travels to YCC

Local Coaches: – Coaches that can work with multiple teams.
– Skill Specific Coaches (Throwing, Strength & Conditioning, Agility & Speed, Mental Game, etc)
– Coaching Pool: Help support Team Coaches.
– Does not travel to YCC

YCC Structure will be similar to last year and include more local participation in addition to the roster that travels to YCC.

Season schedule:
February 28 : Coaches announced
March 15: OYU meeting with all coaches
March and April: tryouts
June-July: Practice. The practice schedule and locations will be dictated by the coaches.

The coaching applications will be accepted until Sunday, February 14th.

The coaching application is available here:

The information sheet is available here:


Club Ultimate is an opportunity available to players who would like to continue playing beyond the 2019 spring season into the summer! The state of Oregon is organizing a series of Youth Club Teams, consisting of players from around the state, that will compete in the Youth Club Championships series in Minnesota this August. Everyone on any team is welcome to try out and participate!
USA Ultimate’s Youth Club Championships, or YCCs, has been the pinnacle of youth Ultimate every season since their inaugural year in 2010. YCCs brings together elite level teams from across the country to compete. Oregon has a strong history of sending teams to represent the state at YCCs, most recently with Oregon Eruption taking 2nd in the U17 Boys Division, and Oregon Flood placing 9th in the U20 Mixed Division.
This year, we are looking for competitive youth players ages 14 to 19 to compete on one of three YCC teams representing Oregon. YCC tryouts are an opportunity for learning as well as a selection process. 


OYU is committed to hiring certified, experienced and passionate coaches to help our youth achieve the most they can. Our coaches will facilitate an environment that promotes the spirit of the game, individual player development, and a love for the sport of Ultimate. 


Age Requirements

  • U17: Freshman and some Sophomores born in 2004 or later (which means they will be under the age of 17 for the entirety of 2020)
  • U20: Seniors, Juniors, and some Sophomores born in 2002 or earlier (which means they will be under the age of 20 for the entirety of 2020)

Registration Requirements

Participants must complete the following registration requirements prior to attending tryouts:

  1. Register and pay for YCC Tryouts here.
  2. Create and pay for a USAU Membership.
  3. Bring the USAU Medical Authorization Form to your first day of tryouts (bring a HARD COPY)

Tryout locations, dates, and times

April 19, 2020: Bend   

May 10, 2020:  Portland 

May 17, 2020: Eugene


Last season’s per player cost averaged close to $550 not including airfare.


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available through OYU and through USAU’s Play it Forward program. Please complete our Financial Aid request form if you are unable to pay part of, or all of, our tryout fees.

Alternatively, if you have the means, consider helping us provide as much need-based financial aid as possible for those in need. While registering, you can add an optional donation to “Sponsor a YCC Player” and contribute to our YCC financial aid fund.


Our Support System: Parents!

Our coaches are paid only a minimum honorarium for their hard work, which means they need community support to do their job well. If the sport of ultimate has been important to your child and to you, please do your part to enable this higher level of play. We need:


USAU requires a minimum of two chaperones per team attending the Youth Club Championships.

Chaperones must be a minimum 25 years of age, register as a USAU member, and pass a background screening through NCIS. Chaperones will be required to be present both at the field and at the hotel during the evenings.


We are also looking for volunteers to help facilitate hotel, travel and food for the team, both at the tournament and in preparation for leaving. This is a great way to help make YCC the best experience for all our players and coaches. 


What if my child can’t afford to participate? We want to make sure that ultimate, even at its highest level, is available for every child. For this club season, we have limited need-based financial aid More information will be available soon.

What if my child can’t make the tryout date? Coaches for YCC will be at designated high school league games to facilitate tryouts for players unable to make the tryout date.

Can my child miss some practices? Yes, you can miss some practice sessions, but placement on the team will consider the availability of each player to be at scheduled practices. This availability information will be collected at tryouts.

What if my child cannot make it to YCC? Our teams have practice player spots available, so even if your child cannot attend the tournament, it will be a fantastic opportunity to work on building skills and athleticism throughout the summer.

Why should my child attend tryouts if they know they cannot be a part of the team? Our tryouts are a great learning experience, so we encourage everyone to attend. Players will learn what tryouts are like, meet the coaches, play with the best players in the state and be more prepared for next year.

What happens if my child doesn’t make the team? We want to look beyond the basic dynamic of a team to create and build an Oregon YCC community. If your child isn’t selected to be on a team there are still many options. The best is to attend as a practice player, learn and get better along with the others, and look forward to joining the team in a subsequent year.

For More Information:

If you have any additional questions please email Jay Cohen.